Birth Photography


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What’s Included?

  • A complimentary consult over coffee/tea to meet me in person, discuss any questions you have and details of my services. I can also provide a copy of my contract for you to review.
  • I am on call for your birth beginning at 37 weeks- meaning I don’t travel far from the area and will drop anything I am doing to meet you in active labor.
  • Full documentation of your birth story from active labor, until two hours postpartum. Additional hours, fresh 48’s or in-home newborn lifestyle sessions are available at an additional charge. This can be wonderful to document siblings, relatives or friends meeting your baby. Inquire for details.
  • A skilled backup birth photographer in the emergency event where I am unavailable.
  • A sneak peak of approx. 5 images within 48 hours for announcement photos.
  • A password protected gallery of approx. 150 high resolution JPEG images to download within 3 weeks of your birth.
  • Complimentary design for a linen cover flush mount album (additional investment).

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions! Investment information can be found here.


“We hired Kiera to document my most recent birth. Beforehand, she and I discussed what I was most wanting out of the experience, including any “must have” shots and my feelings regarding privacy and/or modesty. She was easily reached by phone, text, and email. As my due date approached, we stayed in touch regularly and I kept her updated on my progress.

Kiera arrived at the hospital when I was in active labor and stayed for some time afterwards to get photos of skin-to-skin and baby’s first feeding. Within 48 hours, I had a few “sneak peek” images to share with friends and family. The remainder of the photos were available in an online gallery shortly after.

Kiera is a true birth worker – not only by vocation, but also seemingly by her very nature. Above all, she respects the birthing space. She is never obtrusive and will not interfere or interrupt just to “get the shot”. She was truly like a fly on the wall – I knew she was there and could sometimes hear her camera clicking, but it was never a distraction or an intrusion. Her technical skill was evident when I saw the magic she made happen with the photos. The hospital room was very dim when she arrived and I wondered how she might be able to capture much at all. Instead, the photos returned were breathtaking. Being able to look back at them allows me to revisit such a powerful experience and is something that my family will treasure for a lifetime. The investment was absolutely worthwhile and I would recommend Kiera to anyone seeking to document such special moments in their lives.” – Lindsay Ethier

“I know we made the right choice choosing Kiera as our birth photographer. I had seen her work before, and I knew she was the one for me, because her editing style captures the emotion of the moment beautifully. My husband and I wanted a birth photographer since this was probably going to be our last baby. We hadn’t even considered a birth photographer for our last two births, and I really felt like I wanted to remember this time. I couldn’t have made a better choice.

Kiera was there, capturing the moments that I never want to forget, all throughout our birth. I was worried that having someone snapping away with a camera during my birth might be distracting, but Kiera has such a calm, soothing manner that really made me feel relaxed. She caught the really sweet moments of my husband supporting me, our baby’s entrance into the world, our daughter’s first meeting with the new baby, and all the moments in between.

One picture in particular that I love is the face my midwives make as they weigh our baby! He was huge! I never thought I would treasure pictures so much, but in the blink of an eye, your baby grows up! I already have a few pictures hanging on my walls from the birth. I love glancing over at them and can’t help but smile every time I see them. If you are considering birth photography, Kiera is a wonderful choice. She’s easy to get in touch with to answer questions, she has a true passion for all things birth, and she is fantastic at what she does. Thank you, so much Kiera! We love every photo you took of River’s birth. You were such a perfect addition to our birth team.” – Adara Lowery

“Kiera photographed the birth of my third child. She was absolutely phenomenal to work with! She was very calm during my birth. She provided dozens of beautiful images of our family. I will always treasure the photos! I highly recommend her for photography, and I would also strongly recommend her as a doula. Though she did not doula for me, I would completely trust her to do so. Kiera is extremely sweet and caring and is a joy to have in any birth environment.” – Andi Roth

“Kiera was such a peaceful presence during my labor and delivery. She took absolutely beautiful pictures without taking away from the moment. To be honest I didn’t realize she was taking them – which is a huge talent in birth photography: to not distract mama from labor. Her voice was soft and encouraging during labor, and afterwards she had words of empowerment. Kiera is very professional, kind, and efficient in all of her services. I recommend her to everyone for birth photography and placenta encapsulation.” – Milaya Crowder


The birth of your child will forever be one of the most monumental events of your life. The experience is a transformative one that marks their unique story into the world- their life from the womb into your waiting hands. Birth photography tells your baby’s special birth story in an artfully documented way. From the raw and emotional journey of labor, to the moment you lock eyes with your baby and witness their first latch or skin to skin time with your partner- they are moments worth treasuring. Everyone’s birth is different and special to your individual story. Whether you’re planning an epidural birth, a cesarean or a home birth- they are all profound moments that you will want to relive for a lifetime.

Why hire a birth photographer who is also a Doula?

During a woman’s labor, her birth space should be as intimate as possible. Often times, women want the support of a doula and a birth photographer, but don’t want any more bodies in the birth space than necessary. I am honored to be able to provide both services to clients. Not interested in doula support? Hiring a birth photographer who specializes in birth has its own benefits. A doula has professional knowledge of the birth process, hospital policy and knows how to provide a calming presence during intense situations. Allow your family/friends to put their cell phones down and focus on the magic of the moment.

How it all began- my personal reflection

My husband and I decided to have our first birth photographed. Those images mean more to us than I could even begin to express in words. To this day, my daughter pulls her birth album down from our bookshelf and flips through the pages of her birth. It brings such joy being able to witness that, along with the happiness I feel being able to go back in time and process our experience again. It is my dream for all women to share that same delight, as I understand it’s importance firsthand.

When I began doula work, I took photos of my client’s births with a cell phone. Although the images were special- they were often blurry or dark. I soon realized that the images weren’t doing these profound moments justice. Your baby’s birthday is equally as epic as your wedding day, so why wouldn’t it be documented as so?

I am proud to have embarked on this journey where I can provide families with timeless images of their babies birth day that can be cherished for years to come!


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