Thank you for your interest in my birth doula services! It is my priority to make every effort to ensure I provide the services listed below, and that you are 100% satisfied with my support.


  • One complimentary consultation either in Newport News or Hampton to ensure you are comfortable hiring me as your doula. I will provide a welcome packet for you and your partner to review at your leisure. If necessary, we can do this over the phone and I am happy to e-mail my forms to you for review.
  • Use of my lending library during pregnancy. My lending library consists of books, guided meditation CD’s for pregnancy and positive birth affirmations to hang and positive affirmation bracelets to wear in the weeks leading up to birth. Ask me what books I have available, as they are constantly being cycled amongst clients. I will make every effort to ensure you are able to read what books are of most interest to you.
  • Use of items from my birth bag during birth. My birth bag consists of my rebozo (which I demonstrate during a prenatal), heat packs, cold wash cloths with a variety of essential oils, a handheld fan, back massager, handheld mirror for crowning, honey sticks and emergen-c powder for energy, bendy straws for drinking (these help more than you know!), gum/mints, hair ties (incase you forget one), heat packs for the lower back or shoulders, LED tea light candles to set a soothing mood, laminated handmade positive birth affirmations to hang around your birth space, my birth ball, peanut ball and more!
  • I provide evidence based research on pregnancy and labor topics, information about interventions and local resources to help set you up for success
  • I help you develop your birth plan/birth wishes to go over with your care provider
  • I provide one-two prenatal visits at your home where we get to know each other, review the childbirth process, develop a birth plan, work on comfort measures, visualizations for labor, breathing techniques and spinning babies exercise for optimal fetal positioning.
  • Unlimited phone/text support between the hours of 9am-5pm during your pregnancy, and 24/7 support in emergency situations
  • I am on call starting at 37 weeks, where I also provide 24/7 text and phone support
  • I remain with you during your entire labor beginning from the time you ask me to come to you. I’m happy to meet at your home or the hospital/birth center.
  • I can photograph your birth using my Nikon D750 DSLR full frame camera and/or your cell phone if you want photos back immediately
  • I remain with you for up to two hours postpartum, or until breastfeeding is established
  • I provide 24/7 phone/text support for two weeks postpartum, and one postpartum visit 2-3 weeks from your baby’s birthday
  • I provide placenta encapsulation services, tinctures and cord keepsakes at an additional cost


My full fee for birth doula services is $600 and can be broken down as follows:


  • $200 due as a non-refundable retainer when you hire me as your doula (along with my signed contract and confidentiality release form. This will officially put you on my calendar)
  • $200 due by 32 weeks
  • $200 due by 36 weeks


  • $300 due as a non-refundable retainer when you hire me as your doula
  • $300 due by 36 weeks

***there will be a $50 travel fee applied for clients on the Southside or in Richmond. Travel fee must be paid with my retainer***


I accept cash, checks, PayPal and CashApp through square. I understand there are times where the above payment arrangement is not always feasible. I believe every woman deserves a doula, and would be happy to work something out that may take the financial burden off your shoulders.